Fire Entertainment and JMC Academy have joined forces to launch a new initiative called The Creative Network. This program aims to bring opportunities to students and enthusiasts alike to gain more experience in the film, music, design, gaming and entertainment industries. The Creative Network events will allow people to connect, early in their careers, with other experienced and established industry professionals. The Creative Network plans to introduce workshops, Q&A panels, networking events, and masterclasses that will offer a chance to hone skills and interact with the DO-ers in each area.


The Creative Network will officially launch in June 2017 with it's first event being announced soon. To register for early bird tickets, exclusive access and other news about the upcoming Creative Network events click HERE or visit .

Each of the events will visit 3 major cities in Australia in 2017, with the possibility of adding more cities in the near future.

"There is a lot of graduates out there who are finishing their creative degrees and not able to secure a job in the industry they desire. We hope that these events allow them to meet and hopefully connect with some of these decision makers who can offer guidance and potentially a starting point for their careers. "

-Rico Soto, Director of Fire Entertainment & Producer of the TCN.