is a one of a kind opportunity for aspiring artists to find guidance and develop their skills with professionals that understand the industry and can help them be ready for a career in the entertainment business.


was born out of two important questions:

After a person discovers they want to develop a career further in music and entertainment…Where do they go next?

What is out there that can offer a talented artist a step-by-step pathway into developing their career further? 

You may have heard things like these during auditions and competitions:

You are not ready yet…

You need a bit more time…

Come back next year…

You need to develop further…

But WHAT do you do to “develop” during that time?

The development process is essential for all artists, regardless of your genre and style. Bands, Singer/Songwriter, Performer, Writer/Composer… all need proper guidance and time to develop their work and profile to gain the attention of the labels and fans alike.

Some artists that underwent artist development through their career:

Lorde, Dave Mathews Band, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Radiohed, Justin Timberlake, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson… even the Beatles.

Rico Soto is the Director & Founder of FIRE Entertainment. With more than 10 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, Rico has had the privilege of working with various successful and renowned national and international artists in Australia and Latin America.

“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Musician, Composer


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Development is the next step: Helping the artist find and mature their skills, artistic concept and profile.


Record Labels used to invest time and money into developing artists. That doesn't happen anymore and it's mostly in the hands of the band or musician to find their own path.  You can read more about the History of Artist Development here.

Overall, there are many great vocal, music and dance schools that can help you master your talent as a singer, musician or dancer; but how do you take the NEXT steps forward towards developing as a professional artist?

You may find courses and workshops that may give you some general guidance, but nothing specifically catered to help You, individually, to reach your potential.

How do I audition or showcase my band or music?

What are the Record Labels looking for?

What are the Publishing Companies looking for?

What is the Radio and Media looking for?

How do I improve and become appealing as an artist?

How do I build my fanbase and network? 

Where do I go to record and who are the best professionals to work with for my particular project?

How do I write a great record?

How do I create longevity in my career?


Talent Development is rarely something you can find in a book or discover in a 4 hour, weekend or even week-long workshop. True Talent Development is a journey where the artists discovers, nurtures and grows their creativity and art-form with the constant guidance and encouragement from a mentor (or mentors) who connects and understands the artist and the industry.   This applies to all disciplines of art: performance, music, acting, writing…headphones white background 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_29


finding the right producer for my project and music

We created a program where artists can learn:


How to increase their skills to a professional level, how to make their art appeal to their audience, how to audition and promote their work, how to engage and build fans, how to perform, tour, network, manage themselves, produce a high quality art, appeal to broad audiences, curate their art, evolve, reach out and engage media, and ultimately…build a career. All of this with the help of professionals in the industry that can guide them each step of the way.

The Firespark Artist Development Program provides unparalleled instruction by top industry professionals who have worked with some of the world’s biggest stars in the country and internationally. This access to the specialists on the business side of the industry allows incredible opportunities for participants to train with the very best, be inspired and network.

We are confident when we say that there is nothing like the The Firespark Artist Development Program out there. It offers the artist a truly involved experience that ignites and distinguishes true talent from the rest and works on a personal level to see the person develop to their full potential. 

The program offers talented performers the unique opportunity to connect, train, network and be mentored by some of the country’s top professionals.

The program features intensive coaching sessions, training and the opportunity to showcase your talent in a year long program that guarantees a journey of growth and not a quick fix.

Our specialist team of mentors is formed by A&R professionals, songwriters, marketers, performers, producers, promoters, publishers, staging and sound engineers, advisors and agents to equip our artists and songwriters with the necessary tools to reach their full potential.




Our most important premise is that we understand that talent development is a journey, and not a magic pill of theory that can be explained in a few hours or a few days. That is why the Firespark Artist Development Program is an ongoing process.

The program runs yearly where the artist will have a monthly training & development workshop with different experts.  This ensures us, and the artist, that there is a personal assessment and follow-up throughout their training and a path into professionalism.


Each artist will be given a personal assessment to determine their current level of skill and necessary training. It also allows us to have a clearer understanding on how to help that artist in their development and which aspects they need assistance with.

The program is built into tiers to determine the skill and development level of each artist individually. This helps us assure that each artist has a proper training and guidance based on where they are with their skills  and their development journey.

Artists may advance to higher tiers of training and development depending on their increase in skills and achievements accomplished throughout the year.




Other cities will have access to the program in the near future. 



This has been an important aspect for us. Our goal is to provide adequate training and exposure to great industry professionals on each instance of  the program.  This includes the full year of  training within our 12 month term.

We are very proud to say we've managed to bring the program to an affordable cost for artists so they can access the entire year of training (an equivalent of less than $36 per hour*). The cost for the year of program is lower than what an artist would spend on recording one song with a high-tier professional in the industry.

The investment for the program is of $2,995 + GST a year.

Payment plans available on request.

*Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.close-up-of-an-new-acoustic-guitar-head-isolated-on-white-background_68027713


The Firespark Artist Development Program is an invitation-only instance with a limited enrolment policy to ensure the exclusive personalised  mentorship that our program provides.

We hold auditions to select the exclusive number of candidates that may join the yearly program.


If your application is successful, we will send you a private invitation to  audition.

Auditions will be held during the following dates:


SYDNEY -  Auditions for the next season of the program are now open. Register below to secure your audition.

MELBOURNE - Auditions for the next season of the program are now open. Register below to secure your audition.

GOLD COAST - Dated and details for the Gold Coast Development Program will be announced soon. Apply to register your interest.


You must be 12 years old and above to apply. Some exceptions can be made for younger applicants upon request.


All applications must be submitted before :

SYDNEY Application deadline :   last applications received on 15th May.

MELBOURNE Application deadline :   last applications received on 15th August.

GOLD COAST Application deadline :   TBC.