The Talent Management company Fire Entertainment has confirmed the 4th Season of their FIRESPARK® Artist Development Program in 2018. 

Only 3 years ago, FIRE announced the launch of their unique talent development series FIRESPARK®, a highly anticipated training program which offers aspiring young talent a pathway to develop a career in music and entertainment.

This initiative addresses a big problem: the need for young artists to have a place where they can be mentored by experts to develop all the necessary skills to become professionals in the industry and find opportunities to expand their careers from an early age. Young artists (and parents) may now find a space where they can be guided on multiple aspects of their career.

"We find a lot of talented people who don't know where to go and what to do when it comes to developing as an artist. They may be great performers and talented players or singers... but they feel lost about what the next step into becoming a professional artist is. We decided to put something together that could offer them a step-by-step process to learn the skills that talented people need to take to ignite their career."  -Rico Soto, founder of the Firespark program.

But, how is this different from all the singing, music and dancing schools that offer training for students?

"The FIRESPARK is not a singing  or a dancing program. In fact, far from it. There are many great coaches out there that do a fantastic job. The program aims to compliment what artists have learned  with those coaches and help them grow in all the many other aspects that involve being a professional in the modern entertainment industry." - R.S.

...aspects such as: branding, performance, A&R, project development, product development, promotion strategy & marketing, touring, media engagement, fan engagement and more.

Firespark caters for all categories, styles and genres of artists. The content and development pathway the program offers applies to bands, solo performers, singer/songwriters, producers, Dj's, and even other less popular performance types.

Another big point of difference about Firespark is that it is not a one day workshop or a quick course, but an ongoing program of assessment and growth for aspiring artists which will provide a mentoring process and not just a quick-fix of information. The program will provide participants with access to professional mentors in the industy in all different fields, including areas where an independent artist wouldn't even know how to begin to develop or wouldn't have a specialist to go to for that.

"We don't believe artist development is something you can learn in a few hours or even a few days. As the word 'development' implies... it's a journey of evolution that will take time." -R.S.

artist development 2

FIRESPARK is an exclusive training program accessed by Invitation-Only,  where applicants must audition in front of a panel of experts to join the program. Individuals can apply for an audition by visiting

The program aims to "ignite" in July for Sydney and September for Melbourne. Other cities will have access to the program in the very near future. 

-Applications for Sydney close on 15th May.

-Applications for Melbourne close on 15th August. 

Auditions for each city will be announced to successful applicants soon after the closing date for all applications.

School Alliance Program

Singing, dancing and music schools may also connect with the Program to offer their students early access, discounts and special auditions for Firespark.

"We are connecting with multiple schools and institutions who want to offer the Firespark opportunity to their most talented students. If you think about it, it's only logical to want to see the best students take their career further, which is a win-win for all. So we are actively working in alliance with coaches and encouraging schools to join the initiative." -S. Wells - Project Co-ordinator. 


Are you an artist in need of development?

Fire Entertainment put together a program for new artists and bands to get mentoring and assessment (artistically and commercially) and begin their development process to build a career in music or entertainment.