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There are many areas you will have to focus on when it comes to building a succesful project or career. Leaving any of these unatended could very well be the difference between 'making it or breaking it'.  We created the FIRE Artist Services to give independent artists the oporuntiy to work with a team of professionals who can help look after the areas of the 'business' that creatives rahter not do themselves. You can now have similar resources as a label-signed artists and build your support team. 



Management Services

Artist and talent management can be a broad concept. We have tried to simplify it for artists and talent that may require management, administration and coordination services for their projects. We can offer assistance in the negotiation coordination, execution and professional needs you may require. We can help as your artist liaison and representative as well as communicate with the public and media on behalf of the artist. We can also find opportunities for talent and projects to connect and build their brand. In other words: we can help you run and guide your project.


Before launching your project, the development stage is the first essential step towards a succesful outcome. Our team can assess and guide you in the process of developing your creative project, product or brand. Artists and talent require the right guidance and mentorship to find that 'something; that will make their project unique and attractive: developing a unique sound, an original brand, appealing content, visual strategy and more. It is also essential for an artist to understand how the diferent areas of the creative industry works and how to navigate through it to be succesful: self management, self promotion, production, networking, planing and budgeting, bookings, fan engagement and audience building, amongst many others. We can offer assistance the coaching and mentoring to help through the teething process of defining your edge and developing a sustainable career for the long run.

Production & Project Management

Creating your ‘product’ (album, web, video, event, tour) can be a complex and time consuming task. Plus, the inexperience and working with the wrong team could cost you more than the value of the product itself. Let us help you find and source the right team of professionals that are going to bring your project to the next level. Our extensive network of producers, engineers, mixers, video directors, photographers, songwriters, designers and other relevant professionals will ensure your material is of the highest professional quality. We budget, coordinate, book, connect and manage the entire process for you, so you can focus on the creative aspects of your work. We can also help you with the overall direction and marketability of the project whilst guiding you towards a successful result.


Our Publishing services help songwriters and performers register and administer their copyrights, licensing and sync rights. We will help you set all your accounts up and have your hand on the pulse of where your music is being played or performed. We can also assist with your lodgements to the relevant collecting agencies and register your work in other spaces that may increment your chances of being licensed or synced.

Endorsements, Grants, Fundraising & Crowdfunding

Finding endorsements or funding is difficult. Our team can help you prepare and submit material for endorsements and grants, as well as assisting you to find what grants and opportunities are out there for your project. We also offer a comprehensive strategy for fundraising and crowd sourcing projects. We can assist in the setup, preparing the offer and promoting your campaign within your database.


Marketing Strategy

Artists need a plan! You can do a lot of work as an artist, but without a solid strategy most of that work can give you no results. We don’t offer out-of-the-box marketing packages when it comes to your promotion. Our approach starts with understanding the artist, their brand and their music to work in conjunction to develop a customized marketing and business plan that will help you grow.

Promotional Material

Cards, posters, merchandise, landing sites, flyers, social channels, or anything else you may need. Our marketing & design services can help you build the adequate promotional material you need to spread the word and generate impact.

Guerrilla Marketing

Sometimes big budgets are not the only solution. Guerrilla marketing strategies consist of small yet efficient targeted marketing actions that can help you build awareness and grow your loyal audience without a large spend. “This is how the rebels won the war!”

PR & Promotion

Public Relations is essential when building your brand and creating awareness. Connect with mainstream, community, independent and online media. Be part of their events, secure interviews, perform guest appearances, get some press and have your brand build a ‘buzz’ in popular channels with massive traffic. Our PR services connect you with other media and events to give you more exposure.


Style, look, colour, logo, sound, image and all of the relevant items that make a brand original come together under our branding service. Your branding may say a lot about you and your project’s vision. Our branding experts can assist in putting together a consistent and strong brand concept to help you find your direction and market for your project.

Media Servicing (TV/Radio/Online/ Press)

Media Servicing consists of placing your music or content into mainstream media and other  independent platforms. Think: TV, radio, blogs, online channels and popular media. Through a carefully constructed framework, FIRE's Marketing network can promote your music to worldwide key professionals. We will also provide necessary follow-ups to guarantee that your music gets heard. Music servicing (Radio Plugging), Video servicing (TV Plugging) & Press servicing.


Web Development

Your online landing site is an essential pilar for building an effective career in the modern entertainment industry. As part of your overall strategy, we help you build a website that connects with your audience, communicates your message clearly and helps you integrate all the current technology and tools to increase your results online.

Fan Engagement

A successful project and career is based on loyal fans. ‘How to reach out to new audiences and keep your fans engaged with your brand’ is an essential question when planning your marketing strategy. Our fan engagement services allow you to build a consistent and attractive plan of action to keep your fans coming back for more and see consistent growth in your fan database.

Online & Social Media Management

Reputation online is a very strong currency in the modern music industry. It is built with engaging quality content and constant interaction online. We can help you build an online content strategy, create great content and keep in touch with your audience constantly to help you build a solid online brand and strong fanbase.

Online Marketing

Thanks to the great reach of the Internet, everything is at your fingertips; yet you need to rise above the noise. Build a cost effective online strategy using the multiple tools available in the World Wide Web to engage and grow your audience and fan reach. We have an entire branch focused on online solutions called Fire Online that can help you get the best results.

Online Distribution

In order for any promotion to be effective, your product has to be “available” for discovery and purchase. Our online distribution service places your music in all the popular online sales and streaming platforms in order for your fans to find you. We also provide administration and registration services with the appropriate associations, so you can focus entirely on being creative.

Merchandise & Online Shops

Merchandise is one of the main sources of revenue for any musician in the current music industry. We can help you create attractive product, design it, produce it, create a merch strategy for live shows  and assist you in setting up your online outlets to sell your merch world wide.


Video Production

From online video content to High Quality videoclips, we help you and guide you through every step of the way:  concept, storyboarding, pre-production, sourcing the film crew, props & actors, equipment, filming, post-production, and special effects. We will help you throughout the logistics and execution of putting your videoclip together with a unique concept to match your identity and brand.

Merchandise & Online Shops

Merchandise is one of the main sources of revenue for any musician in the current music industry. We can help you create attractive product, design it, produce it, create a merch strategy for live shows  and assist you in setting up your online outlets to sell your merch world wide.

Music Production

From Demos to full High Quality recorded material, we help you and guide you through every step of the way:  songwriting, demoing, recording, sourcing the right producer, sourcing musicians, mixing, mastering, and remixing . We also assist you in the process of discovering and establishing a sound and identity for your music.

Content Creation

Quality speaks about you more than anything else out there! Creating relevant and attractive content is not easy. We help you put together the best possible content according to your style, audience and budgets to build the interaction with your fans and increase your brand’s popularity. Video, photography, audio, design, or other…


Special Activations & Events

Fire created the FIRE Events department to help artists or brands coordinate and run events. Whether it’s a small activation event or a larger scale gathering, we can coordinate all aspects and put together the right team to make your event a success.

Touring & Bookings

Are you ready to hit the road? Let us help you book some dates and kick off your touring. Fire Touring offers a touring and booking service for young starting musicians and established artists alike. We can book venues, coordinate logistics, look after travel & accommodation and all the details in between for you to jump in the van and spread the music-love around.